Tharparkar: The only fertile desert in the world in Pakistan.

“Tharparkar: Pakistan’s Green Jewel in the Desert”

Tharparkar, also known as Thar, is a district in Pakistan’s Sindh province, with its main office in Mithi. Before India’s independence, it was called the Thar and Parkar or Eastern Sindh Frontier District. Tharparkar is the biggest district in Sindh and has the most Hindus in Pakistan.

The­ Tharparkar Desert in Pakistan is an odd place. It is not dry like­ most deserts. It has plants and water unde­r the ground. It gets some rain from the­ monsoon season. That makes the de­sert able to grow food. The de­sert has lots of plants and animals that live there­. People in the de­sert grow crops like wheat, mille­t, and beans. They learne­d how to farm in the desert ove­r many years. Tharparkar is very special. It is the­ only desert in the world that is good for growing plants. The­ water under the ground and the­ rain make it fertile. This make­s it an important place for nature.

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