KIA Stonic Price Falls by 1.5 Million PKR.

Kia has announced a substantial reduction:

Kia has made the­ir car model, the Stonic EX+, cost less mone­y. They cut the price by a big numbe­r, Rs. 1,500,000. This will likely make more pe­ople want to buy the car, espe­cially during hard economic times when mone­y is tight. Cutting prices on popular products is a smart move by companies. It attracts ne­w customers looking for good deals. When finance­s are strained, people­ seek affordable options without compromising quality.

New price of Kia stonic EX+:

Kia has announced a substantial reduction in the price of its popular model, the Stonic EX+. The reduction of Rs. 1,500,000 is poised to shake up the market and attract new buyers, amidst ongoing economic challenges.

Stonic EX+ New Price

Lucky Motors Corporation (LMC), celebrating five years of CKD operations in Pakistan. They made this bold move and decreased the price of Kia Stonic EX+ to Rs. 4,767,000, the previous price tag of this car was Rs. 6,280,000. It is a strategic move by the company inorder to inject fresh momentum in the automotive sector and gain consumer attention.

New prices of Kia sportage:

The new prices for the various variants of the Kia Sportage (after reduction in March) are as follows:

  • Sportage Alpha: Rs. 7,300,000 (reduced by Rs. 250,000 from Rs. 7,550,000)
  • Sportage FWD: Rs. 7,740,000 (reduced by Rs. 300,000 from Rs. 8,040,000)
  • Sportage AWD: Rs. 8,470,000 (reduced by Rs. 300,000 from Rs. 8,770,000)
  • Sportage Black Edition: Rs. 9,000,000 (reduced by Rs. 300,000 from Rs. 9,300,000)

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