Ducky Bhai Offers Rs 1 Million Reward to Unearth Culprit Behind Deepfake Edit of Wife’s Video”

In the world of social media, Ducky Bhai faced a troubling situation: deepfake videos of his wife, Aroob Jatoi, began circulating online. Known for his funny videos, Ducky took a serious tone on Instagram. He asked his followers for help and promised a reward of Rs1 million to anyone who could help catch the people responsible.

Before the video leaked, Ducky and Jatoi received threats, but they didn’t take them seriously. However, the deepfake video crossed a line they couldn’t ignore.

“It was my fans who alerted me to it and urged me to address it,” he said.

For those doubting the video’s authenticity, Ducky shared a link to another video explaining deepfake technology, revealing its deceptive capabilities. Showing the original photo of Jatoi used in the video, Ducky explained the intricacies of the deepfake. At first glance, it was hard to tell it was manipulated because of its low quality, resembling mobile phone footage. Ducky pointed out subtle hints exposing its true nature.

“If you look closely, you can see slight distortions in the door or wardrobe,” he said. “These pixel distortions are common in deepfake videos. Watching it frame by frame, you can see the real girl’s face. Her expressions seem robotic, another giveaway of deepfakes.” Emphasizing his point, he added, “All of this proves that this video has nothing to do with reality.”

The bad use of Deep fake AI:

The misuse of deepfake AI is becoming increasingly prevalent and must be halted. Today, Ducky Bhai fell victim to it, and tomorrow, it could be any of us. It’s crucial to stand by Ducky Bhai now, even if we’re not avid fans of his content. We must unite to support him and assist in finding the perpetrator behind this malicious act.

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