Peaky Blinders: 10 Outstanding Quotes from the Series.

“Peaky Blinders,” a gripping British television series, delves into the intricacies of post-World War I Birmingham, focusing on the Shelby crime family’s rise to power. With its blend of historical drama, intense characters, and intricate plots, the show captivates audiences with its portrayal of ambition, loyalty, and betrayal in a turbulent era. Here is the 10 outstanding quotes from the series.

“May You Be In Heaven A Full Half Hour Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”

This line by Grace is a smart saying that is meant as a kindness as well as an insult. She is saying that the person will end up in hell but she also likes them so much that she wishes that they should be given at least a bit of time in Heaven before going to Hell.

“Beware The Man With The Bleeding Heart Tattoo, With ‘Maria’ Written In Red” – Tommy Shelby

There was a time when Tommy started to read Peotry in his time of being sober, taking more of an interest in language and the work of people who had come before him. Michael and the other associates working under Jack Nelson laughed at Tommy for this during their meeting on the island of Miquelon.

This quote became well-known when Tommy, despite their disrespect and attempts to undermine him, subtly hinted about having a spy in their organization in a poetic way. This scene proved that Tommy was still sharp and in control, just like before.

“It’s Not A Good Idea To Look At Tommy Shelby The Wrong Way”

Spoken in Series 1, this line of dialogue by Tommy himself is said to Grace late at night while she is working as a barmaid at the Garrison pub. Being a secret Agent of British government, Grace is investigating Tommy.

“I Hear That You’ve Got Italians, Mate. You Got A Kestrel For Them An’ All?”

After Tommy my favourite Character in Peaky Blinders is Alfie Solomons. Alfie has got a very distinct way of speaking that reflects Cockney speech patterns. In addition to this, he’s also very clever with his words, leading to lots of great quotes like this one. He truly was a man of class.

“I Don’t Pay For Suits. My Suits Are On The House Or The House Burns Down”

Another line said by Tommy Shelby during Series 1, this line is said to Grace about his tailor-made suits. Maybe it reads like a joking sentence, Tommy is absolutely serious when he says it. The Peaky Blinders seek favour and respect in exchange of protection they give to the community. Being one of the most powerful gang  in England, they have a reputation to uphold.

“Everyone’s A W**e Grace. We Just Sell Different Parts Of Ourselves”

This prophetic line is the best quote in all of Peaky Blinders and comes from Tommy to Grace in Series 1. During a conversation with Grace in the Garrison pub.while Grace is working a barmaid shift, they have a tense conversation as they learn about each other.

“This Whole Bloody Enterprise Was Women’s Business While You Boys Were Away At War.”

This quote was spoken by Polly Gray during season 1, episode 1. One of the biggest elements missing from the final season of Peaky Blinders was the absence of Polly following the death of Helen McCrory. She was certainly one of the standout characters on the show and delivered some of the best lines. Part of what makes Polly so endearing is how she refuses to buckle to anyone, including Tommy. When he suggests that there is some business the Shelby women should not be involved in, Polly is not at all afraid to remind Tommy how there would be no business without the women.

“I Heard You Dress Well Mr. Shelby. But Now I See, Not So Well As Me.”

Luca Changretta – Season 4, Episode 2: “Heathens”

One of my best villain of Peaky Blinders is Luca Changretta. The mafia man comes over from America to exact revenge on Tommy Shelby for the murder of his father. When he came to meet Thomas Shelby he said this quote.
Luca quickly shows he’s a serious threat by confidently entering Tommy’s office, sizing him up, and delivering a line that suggests he might actually be able to take Tommy down, despite his reputation.

“Men Like Us, Mr. Shelby, Will Always Be Alone. And What Love We Get, We Will Have To Pay For.”

At first, Inspector Chester Campbell harbors animosity towards Thomas simply because he’s on the opposing side of the law. However, his feelings evolve when he falls in love with Grace, an undercover police agent who reciprocates feelings for Tommy. Entangled in this love triangle, Campbell wages his own personal battle. In this quote, he emphasizes that despite any romantic illusions Thomas may conjure, he’s destined to lose Grace. Thomas’s perilous lifestyle makes it difficult for him to maintain genuine commitments, a point Campbell’s later vindicated when Grace’s fate unfolds in subsequent seasons.

“Good Taste Is For People Who Can’t Afford Sapphires.”

By the beginning of the third season, Tommy Shelby and the Peaky Blinders as a whole are flush with cash. They don’t have to want for anything, and Tommy makes sure his wife, Grace, has everything she deserves. That includes massive sapphires, a moment that proves how the two may be soulmates. When he receives them as payment from the Russians, he makes one into a gorgeous necklace for her to wear to their charity event.

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