Elon Musk Claims WhatsApp Transfers Your Data Every Night:

Elon Musk has stirred up a fresh row by contending that WhatsApp is routinely shipping user data abroad, raising the heat on ongoing worries about privacy. Musk has insinuated in a recent social media message that the app is vacuuming up and scrutinizing user information, ostensibly to serve up more personalized ads. This has prompted a barrage of questions concerning the security and confidentiality of the app’s use.

Musk’s remarks were in response to allegations that WhatsApp is deeply involved in data mining. He lent weight to these speculations, amplifying the misgivings about the app’s dedication to privacy protection. The debate quickly gained traction, engaging a slew of experts and observers.

The critique from Musk is just the latest in a string of accusations directed at Meta, the corporate behemoth that owns WhatsApp, and which is overseen by Mark Zuckerberg. Meta has repeatedly been accused of questionable data privacy practices, and Musk’s salvo has reignited these worries, fueling a new round of discussions about how chat apps manage personal information.

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