Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Song ‘Bado Badi’ Hits Internet with 20Million views:

Lahore: Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s latest song ‘Bado Badi’ was released recently and it quickly gained popularity on the internet, garnering over 20 million views in just one month, according to local media reports on Friday. In this new release on YouTube, the singer collaborated with a friend who was featured as a model in the music video.

The track is currently making waves globally as individuals across various fields, including singers, digital artists, and content creators, are creating reels for Bado Badi. In India, the song has also become incredibly popular, with influential figures such as content creators and celebrities similarly captivated by the melody. Audiences are not only sharing reels of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan but also exploring his older catalog of songs.

Additionally, numerous individuals are posting the singer’s private information in their brief video clips. In a parallel trend, many social media users are also sharing the original rendition of Bado Badi, which was performed by Noor Jehan. Furthermore, Guru Randhawa and Diljit Dosanjh have both participated in the trend by producing reels for Bado Badi.

During an interview following the hit song, Wajdan Rao, the girl who performed alongside Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, mentioned that she blocked Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. She clarified that it was just a joke, but people are making fun of me and creating memes about me, she further said that it is impacting my mental health.

Bado Badi Song:

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