Pakistan IT Exports Increased by $100m with Saudi Arabia:

In the past two years, the IT exports from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia have grown by $100 million each year, reaching a new peak of $310 million in April 2024.

This continuous increase suggests that Saudi Arabia could soon be the main destination for Pakistan’s IT exports.

Noman Said, a recognized IT exporter, has emphasized the role of the IT industry in transforming Pakistan’s economy. He has mentioned its considerable trade surplus and its contribution to attracting foreign direct investment from Saudi Arabia.

Several elements have contributed to this expansion. The Special Investment Facilitation Council has been crucial in backing these initiatives. Also, industry groups such as P@SHA have focused on promoting the IT sector, which has aided in driving this growth.

The surge in IT exports reflects the potential of Pakistan’s technology sector to enhance the national economy, generate employment, and establish stronger economic relations with Saudi Arabia. The rise in exports also underscores the quality and compatibility of Pakistan’s IT products and services with the needs and expectations of the Saudi market.

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