“Humanitarian Crisis: Demand Immediate Action to End Israeli Genocide in Gaza Since October 7th, 2023”

Israel has initiated a ground assault on Rafah, where 1.5 million Palestinians have sought refuge amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza. International observers warn that this attack on Rafah, now the most densely populated area on Earth, is likely to result in mass civilian casualties.

Rafah: The City of Vulnerable Children in Gaza’s Crisis:

“Rafah is now a city of children, who have nowhere safe to go in Gaza.”

UNICEF Officials Depict Rafah as a Refugee Town Ravaged by Israel’s Intense Bombardment and Ground Invasion. With over thirty-five thousand Palestinians, predominantly children, already lost in Gaza, Israel’s relentless onslaught targets Rafah—the final sanctuary for those escaping destruction elsewhere in the territory. Overnight, Israeli forces attacked Rafah, capturing the Rafah border crossing connecting Gaza and Egypt. IDF tanks advanced further into Rafah, proudly displaying colossal Israeli flags as they penetrated the Gaza enclave.

Israel now illegally occupied the two main crossings into South Gaza, Rafah and Kerem Shalom, virtually trying sealing Gaza off from the rest of the world. Palestinians in Gaza are now caged they have nowhere to go, while the aid also is completely blocked. International aid agencies have said the closing of the two crossings, will force the two million people of Gaza to forced starvation and many more problems.

Gaza Breaks Records for Humanity’s Bleakest Chapter:

Israel’s relentless attacks on Rafah have terrified families living in the exhausted camps for months. The situation is so dire that many people are hopeless and even wish for death to escape their nightmares.

The invasion of Rafah happened after the US approved a huge $26.38bn military aid package to Israel. To cover up their actions, Israel expelled Al Jazeera, while the US may ban TikTok and restrict protests against genocide. They’ve even passed a bill making it harder to criticize Israel. It is now or never America is supporting the Zionist regime more than ever.

 And in a blatant assault on the idea of international justice, twelve Republican senators, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, signed a letter threatening International Criminal Court officials and their family members with sanctions and other penalties if they move forward with international arrest warrants against Israeli leaders accused of committing war crimes in Gaza.

This invasion coincides with Holocaust Remembrance Day and Nakba Day, a tragic reminder that past injustices continue today.

The tragedy in Gaza is happening with US support and Western involvement. We need to act now to change this terrible situation.

Unveiling America’s Motives: Profits Behind Support for War:

The United States is home to five of the world’s 10 largest defense contractors, and American companies account for 57 percent of total arms sales by the world’s 100 largest defense contractors, based on SIPRI data. US is the biggest arms supplier of Israel according to a report, Since the war started in October, the United States has consistently reaffirmed its unwavering support for Israel’s security. This commitment has been demonstrated through over 100 individual foreign military sales, providing Israel with thousands of precision-guided munitions, small-diameter bombs, bunker busters, small arms, and other lethal assistance. More War, More Profit for the US.

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