Hamster Kombat: A ponzi to be exposed soon?

What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a rapidly growing “play-to-earn” mobile game on Telegram. Launched on March 25th, it already has over a million users. Players manage a virtual cryptocurrency exchange to earn in-game coins, which can be converted into real tokens for withdrawing money. The gameplay is similar to the popular game Notcoin.

Is Hamster Kombat the Next Big Pump and Dump Scheme?

There’s no doubt that Hamster Kombat is a pump-and-dump coin scheme. It has attracted a lot of attention since its launch, with many retail investors pouring money into the project. However, market makers are likely to dump the coin, leaving these investors at a loss.

How Pump and dump Schemes work:

This are the steps taken by market makers to pump and dump any coin:

  1. Creation and Listing: Developers create and list a new cryptocurrency or token.
  2. Hype and Promotion: They use social media, forums, and influencers to create excitement and drive demand.
  3. Price Surge (Pump): Early investors and creators buy large amounts, pushing up the price.
  4. Sell-Off (Dump): Once the price peaks, the creators sell off their holdings for profit.
  5. Aftermath: Late investors are left with devalued tokens as the price crashes.

Is Hamster Kombat legit or scam?

Current observations raise several red flags typical of get-rich-quick schemes. The game uses tactics similar to multi-level marketing (MLM) and offers excessively generous referral commissions. Additionally, there are no confirmed successful withdrawals, and the income sources are unclear, suggesting it may not be a sustainable or legitimate platform. While some users might receive payments, the majority could end up disappointed.


Hamster Kombat presents an interesting blend of gaming and earning, but the platform’s legitimacy remains questionable. The amount of users in telegram has increased hugely and the main source of income for Hamster Kombat right now is advertising. The game uses tactics similar to Multi-level marketing (MLM) and offers excessively generous referral commissions. Users should Proceed with caution and stay informed.

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