Google offers free certificates for these IT skillset:

Data Analytics:

If you like working with data, there’s a special training program just for you. With Google’s Data Analytics certification, you can learn how to become a beginner data analyst. You’ll learn how to clean up data, analyze it, and make it easier to understand using tools like Tableau, R programming, and SQL.

Link to apply:Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certification


Data is really valuable to businesses these days, just like gold. So, they need to protect it a lot. With this certification, you’ll learn the best ways to keep data safe. You’ll learn about cybersecurity, which means keeping networks, devices, data, and people safe from bad guys. You’ll learn how to spot risks and weaknesses, and how to stop them. It involves using tools like Python, Linux, and SQL to help keep everything secure. So Google offers free training in this sector and offer a certificate aswell.

Link to apply: Google’s IT Support Professional Certification

Project Management:

In the IT world, where new apps come out all the time, being able to organize projects is super important. Without good project management, lots of cool gadgets might never get made.

This certification teaches you how to manage projects effectively. You’ll learn the basics of Rapid project management and Scrum, which are ways to get things done quickly and efficiently. You’ll also get to practice writing down details about projects and get better at solving problems and talking to others about them.

Link to apply: Google’s Project Management Professional Certification

IT Support:

Think of the tech industry like building a house. Each worker has a specific job to make sure everything turns out great. IT support is like the person who makes sure everything with the technology works smoothly.

With this certification, you’ll learn about the everyday tasks of IT support. This includes things like putting computers together, setting up wireless networks, fixing problems, and helping customers. You’ll learn how to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it using tools like Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-Line Interface, and Binary Code.

Link to apply: Google’s IT Support Professional Certification

Marketing & E-commerce:

You’ve got different people in the tech world doing their jobs: software engineers making products, data analysts finding insights, project managers keeping things on track, and IT experts protecting the systems. Once everything’s set up and working smoothly, what comes next?

It’s time to start selling and making money! You can learn the basics of digital marketing and online sales with Google’s Marketing & E-commerce certification. You’ll learn how to attract and retain customers using websites and social media, see how well your strategies are working with analytics, and gather helpful information to improve.

Link to apply: Google’s Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certification

These five jobs are just the start of what you can do in the tech world. Every expert is important for a company to do well. Join this free courses provided by google you will not regret.

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