Artificial Intelligence: Free courses with High income 2024

If you want to quickly boost your income in 2024, AI is the key solution to consider. According to an AWS study involving 3,297 employees from 1,340 organizations across various U.S. industries, employers are willing to pay a premium—averaging up to a 47% salary increase—for technical employees with AI skills.

AI and skill-building can significantly boost salaries, which is essential when many people struggle to cover the cost of living. By learning AI skills, professionals can increase their income.

There are many ways to improve your skills, and while you don’t always need a certification, having one from a reputable organization can be beneficial.

When taking an AI course, getting a certification is important. It shows potential employers that you are serious about your work and committed to your professional and personal growth. A certification also looks more official and credible.

Free AI Courses in 2024 That Offer Certifications

To help you get started, here are 6 free AI certifications you should consider earning this year to enhance your marketability and increase your income.

Here are six free AI certifications to consider this year to boost your marketability and income:

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by IBM – Available for free on Coursera if you’re facing financial difficulty.
  2. AI for Everyone by DeepLearning.AI
  3. Introduction to Generative AI by Google Cloud
  4. Generative AI with Large Language Models by AWS – Available via Coursera.
  5. Generative AI Fundamentals by Databricks – Earn a badge to display on LinkedIn and your resume upon completion.
  6. Machine Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng, Stanford University – Offered for free on Coursera.

These additional AI courses will teach you high income, profitable AI skills. These courses are a little different from the ones on the above list in that you can take them for free, but you might have to pay to get certified.

  1. CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python by Harvard University
  2. Getting Started with Python for Data Science by Codecademy

As you start to understand AI, think about how you can apply these concepts to your daily work. Follow employer policies, use AI ethically, and don’t hesitate to offer suggestions to your boss. Many employers are exploring AI, so if you have a great idea and practical ways to use AI to boost profits and efficiency while reducing overwork, take the initiative to learn the necessary skills and share your insights.

Who knows? You might secure a 47% pay increase with just one email or meeting.

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